World Day of Prayer

On Friday, March 3, Senior School staff and students took some time to meet together as part of the World Day of Prayer.

The whole campus met on the basketball courts and joined in prayer for the focus country of the Philippines. This nation has many needs, and Christians there have seen an increase in persecution for following Jesus. As a school community, we prayed specifically for the needs of the Philippines and also for our own country of Australia, our community in Geelong and Christian College.

While it’s great to meet together to pray, it’s so important to remember that prayer doesn’t need to be confined just to a one-off day each year. God is wanting us to connect and talk with Him in a deeply relational way - not just on a special day but constantly! He has made a way for us to know Him and He invites us into relationship with Him through Jesus – why don’t you take Him up on His invitation?

Corey Bolton

Senior School Chaplain




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