Year 10 Art, Technology and Design - Villa Paloma Campus

The Villa Paloma is abuzz with activity!

The Year 10’s have made a flying start and are embracing the opportunities at this campus. In Studio Arts, students are experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques - including monoprinting using a variety of different subject matter.

Visual Communication Design students are refining their 'Adobe Illustrator' skills and observational drawing techniques.

In Media, the students are studying narrative and getting to experience the new cinema room at the Villa. This experience has been exciting for our Media students, as we can now offer a cinematic experience, complete with surround sound, large screen and comfortable bean bag chairs. The students have been engaged with the reception of film texts, and as a result, are learning about the production and story elements associated with the study of film.

Product Design - Material students are well underway in designing and beginning to produce a wide variety of items - from blue tooth speaker boxes to a Hydroplane foil for a surfboard.

Food Studies students have been experimenting with successful substitution of ingredients to individualise and improve recipes for specific situations. They have been looking at 'What is Typical Australian Food?' They have been researching Indigenous ingredients in preparation for their design task. Students will be providing food items for the homeless from their cooking sessions.

Systems Engineering students are honing their drone flying skills and continuing to develop their Autonomous Robots using vision control for demonstration at the upcoming Future Schools Expo. Many of the students are also finding some time to experience, build and create in the Virtual Reality environment available at the Villa. Some of their creations are out of this world!


Works by Madalyn Iaria, Charlotte Crapper and Erinna Lloyd

Antony Benson

Director of Teaching and Learning - Art, Technology and Design


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