At Christian College, we recognize that real student learning is so much broader and deeper than just an academic focus.

Our aim is to provide our students with an education 'that matters’. This means preparing our students – even from their earliest years at school – with skills and understandings that will equip them to be positive, confident and active citizens in their future world. We are proud of the holistic offering, with care and attention given to all areas of our children’s growth and development, that our children receive at this school.

NAPLAN results are a ‘moment in time’ measure of some of the academic skills areas. These should be interpreted within the context of each child’s whole learning and development experience. However, when analysed as a collective result, they also provide a useful tool for identifying areas of relative strength and weakness in our academic offering.

These become areas for us to work on in subsequent years, with a view to consistently improving our academic offering without, in any way, sacrificing the most important areas of our Junior School life.

We are very proud of our NAPLAN results – Year 3 at Junior School. Please refer to the attachment, which illustrates our students NAPLAN results against other independent and government schools in our area. Please refer to the 'My Schools' website for further information.


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