Three ways to limit your child’s exposure to gambling

Today, gambling is more promoted and more accessible than ever before, and teens are exposed to it more than most. This can make it hard for them to recognise the potential risks.

So how can we reduce our teen’s exposure to gambling promotion? Here are three handy tips.

  1. Consider installing a filter on home computers and tablets to block gambling websites. A Google search for ‘parental filters’ will list available programs and reviews. Examples include '' and ''.
  2. Encourage teens to have interests that don’t involve digital devices and consider limiting screen time.
  3. Ask your teenagers to use computers, phones or tablets in the family areas at home so you can monitor more closely what they’re viewing online.

When putting in place ways to limit your teen’s exposure to gambling promotion, we recommend doing it in discussion with your teens. Even if they don’t completely agree, at least they know where you stand and why it’s important.

For more information about limiting your child’s exposure to gambling, go to

Dianne Martin

Deputy Head of Senior School


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