Year 1 Numeracy

Year One have been conducting many exciting mathematical investigations.

We have been learning about patterns and have been consolidating our understanding of place value. We have also just begun to learn more about measurement, and we have enjoyed many open-ended explorations.

Our classes have lots of fun ‘hands on’ experiences to help our brains make deeper connections. This helps us to have better understandings of mathematical concepts and to develop our problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

"I loved making fruit kebabs, I could choose my own pattern to make. This helped me to learn about what a pattern is. My kebab was delicious," Nina, from 1M, said. 

Cooper from 1M also added this: "the giant wrote us a letter to see if we could find things that were longer, shorter and the same length as his foot".

Fee, fie, foe, fum, there’s lots of measuring to be done!


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