Year 1 Descriptive Texts

Year One have been learning how to write descriptive texts on people, places and things.

When we write descriptive texts, we use adjectives to describe how someone or something looks. We can use words like 'sweet', 'sour', 'delicious' and 'yummy' to describe how something tastes.

'Fluffy', 'soft', 'old' and 'small' are adjectives we used to describe our favourite toys. We used the words 'friendly', 'caring', 'funny' and 'nice' to write a description about our friends. We linked our writing to our author study on Jeannie Baker by writing about Morocco and Australia after reading her book, ‘Mirror.’

After reading Jeannie Baker’s book, ‘Window’, we created a collage of our favourite place out a window and then wrote a description about it. We have also been searching for adjectives in the books we read during reading activities. This has helped us better understand how to use describing words in our own writing.

“I had fun writing a description about Dimithri because he is my friend,” Josh, from 1G, said.
Tegan also added: “I enjoyed writing a description about myself because I had to think of good adjectives to use to describe what I look like.”

Coming up, Year One will be learning how to write procedural texts about the things they will be making in our Integrated Studies unit, 'Bend, Twist and Stretch'.


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