Use of Student Photographs

At various times throughout the school year, photographs of students may be taken in class, around the College grounds, during excursions and special events or throughout other learning activities.

A selection of such photographs or videos can be used for College publicity and promotion, including class displays, student presentations, media presentations or for pre-service teacher folios. They may also be used within the College newsletter, 'The Vine', on our website or throughout official College social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The use of these photographs can be an effective way of acknowledging student and College achievements, as well as giving our families and community an insight into the day-to-day ‘happenings’ of our College life.

Our staff are always careful to choose only appropriate photographs to support our printed publicity, promotional material, newsletters or news and event reports on the Christian College website.

However, if any parents do NOT wish their son or daughter to be photographed for these purposes, named in College publications or on website reports, you are asked to notify your Head of Campus in writing by Friday, March 31.


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