What shakes your snow globe? Year 5 Chaplaincy Workshops

Throughout this week, the Year 5 students had the opportunity to participate in workshops with both our Chaplains, Tim Blackhall (Chappy) and Naomi Gibbons.

The purpose of these practical sessions was twofold; firstly for Year 5 students to get to know our Chaplains, and to also explicitly teach students some life skills such as: how to understand your own feelings, learning how people may respond differently to situations and creating and maintaining healthy friendships.

The students enjoyed hearing some real life stories from our Chaplains. Naomi used a relatable visual tool with snow globes. Snow globes can be shaken quickly or just a little bit. Just like our emotions.

Sometimes things happen that can shake up our snow globe. But our thoughts and words can help us to turn our ‘snow globe’ back around and to bounce back quickly when things go wrong. Students were able to share and discuss the 'MYTERN' tools or 'PETS' (personal emotional tools) they use to make a difference in reacting to situations.

Some students explained that their PETS were reading a book to take their mind off things, some students liked to ask for help, while others like to take a break and re-visit situations later. The lessons were interactive and practical, and I know the Year 5’s appreciated the time that they had with the Chaplains and are looking forward to building on these lessons in these final weeks of term.


Year 5 Co-ordinator

Mrs Justine Brame


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