Year 6 Camp Reflections

The Year 6 students headed to Lady Northcote Camp in Rowsley during week 6. 

The camp gave the students the opportunity to challenge themselves by participating in a range of outdoor adventure activities. The warm conditions were ideal for canoeing on the dam and the students enjoyed capsizing the boats to cool off at the end.

A highlight for most students was the 18-metre high giant swing, which not only gave students a great view, but also a huge adrenaline rush. The camp also offered the opportunity for students to work cooperatively to solve challenges and develop stronger friendships. All students returned exhausted, but with fond memories of their camping experience. 

Ryan Healy
Year 6 Classroom Teacher

Student camp reflections:

Capsizing (Georgia, 6D)

Her voice was immensely loud. Shouting out instructions about where to go and who to go with. It was our turn to go down and take a dip in the cool water. It was the hottest day I can remember in summer. We walked down to the water’s edge and took a paddle in our hand, put a helmet on our head, and put a life vest around our chest.

We were ready to go. Into the back seat I climbed, bobbing up and down on the water. A minute later, we were paddling around in the middle of the dam. I was no longer hot. The cool breeze brushing past me, the water drops splashing against me, it was the best feeling I had had at camp so far. 

Suddenly there was an outbreak on the water. Every time a canoe passed another canoe, there was a lot of splashing. At that second, I felt a splash on my back, Mr Burgess had splashed me. I splashed him back. It was a lot of fun.

Not long after we connected up all our canoes and we were about to capsize. I wasn’t completely sure if I wanted to do it or not, but I knew I only had one opportunity and I didn’t want to waste it. We were told to go first. Our canoe came out from the bundle and we went out to capsize. "Three, Two, One," she called out! We rocked the boat and jumped out. The water felt so nice against my skin. The water brushing past was the relief from the heat I had been waiting for. I wanted to do it again and again. We swam the boat back to shore. Our clothes were soaking wet but I didn’t care. It was definitely something I would remember about camp.

And some poems from Students:

From Ivy

There was an amazing camp,

I went canoeing and got very damp,

We went mountain biking,

I wish we went hiking,

Overall it was a great camp!

From Lucy 

There was a huge giant swing,

When I went up I started to sing,

I wished to go higher,

I sang like a choir,

When I was up I felt like a king!





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