Year 6 Science - The Outside Classroom

Following their excursion to the Geelong Botanic Gardens, here are the words of some of the Year 6 students:

“Finding interesting trees based on photos we were given, then writing facts about them.”

Michael Broomhead

“I learnt about sorting and comparing three different types of plants, and about how they are different and what makes them a plant or a fruit.” - Peyton Milne

“I learnt that bees have their own runway to land on the flower because two petals have four lines that guide them in.”  - Sam Sayle

“Thinking about plants, I learnt that all plants have different DNA. If there is a good apple for example, the farmer might graft that branch onto another tree.” - Cooper Welsh

“It was fun collaborating with other people and working together on activities. I enjoyed looking at different flowers and plants closely because I don't usually have that opportunity.” - Lucy Martin

“I really enjoyed getting out of the classroom. I liked looking at and drawing the details of different plants.” - Ruby Lockman

Deb Singleton
Science Coordinator


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