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Insights into a student perspective: Ariane Pierssene

MTERN is a program created by DR Jane Foster. The name MYTERN stands for 'Take Emotional Responsibility Now'. MYTERN was established to encourage people of any age to be more emotionally intelligent, build emotional resilience and teach society to have control over their reactions to others. It shows these concepts through the idea of a steering wheel and different coloured roads - 'red roads' being 'rough' emotions such as jealousy, sadness and aggression, and 'green roads' representing 'smooth' emotions like generosity, happiness and confidence.

MYTERN builds resilience in people of all ages by teaching them how to move from a red road to a green road. Through MYTERN, we are taught that it is ok to be on a red road. I thought the forum was really valuable, worthwhile and it taught me a lot about how I can manage my own emotions, and that I’m not responsible for other people’s emotions and behaviours. I look forward to learning more about this at school.

Photographs: Hudson Long (8H)



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