'Iron sharpens Iron' - Year 9 Prefect Mentoring

Our Year 9 Prefect group have been working with wonderful initiative and collaboration on ‘4 BIG ideas’ that they hope to implement in the Middle School in 2017.

Inspired by the 'GRIP' leadership conference and subsequent mentoring sessions, the leaders are drawing up proposals for these ideas on the premise of 'W.I.S.E': What would Jesus do, Integrity, Service and Encouraging others'.

As a continued investment into our leaders, the Senior School Prefects met with the group on Monday to workshop their ideas. These ideas ranged from fundraising and awareness events to tackle adolescent issues, to publications of a student magazine. The Senior School Prefects were able to offer their perspectives, offer alternate suggestions and bring to light possible obstacles they may need to plan for should their proposal come to fruition.

The Middle School Prefects said they really valued this time, and that they appreciated the feedback they were able to gain to strengthen their proposals. The Senior School Prefects acted as wonderful role models for our leaders and also left inspired to go back to their campus to continue implementing their own ‘BIG ideas’.


Miss Kerrie Reid

Deputy Head of Campus - Middle School


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