Bellarine community gets behind East Timor Film Fundraiser

Last Friday, the Year 9 Food Tech students worked in pairs to prepare slices and treats to be served at the East Timor film fundraiser held on Sunday.

The purpose of the fundraiser was to support the team heading to Viqueque this coming holidays. Supporting the main kindergarten in the Viqueque village through teacher workshops and mentoring in the classroom will be the focus of Marita Thurman and Nikki Goodwin, a speech pathologist.

They will be ably assisted by Nikki’s daughter, Serena, who is in Year 8 at Bellarine. This enthusiastic group has raised awareness in various ways: through an article in the Springdale community newsletter and in an article in The Echo (both attached). They have spearheaded their own fundraising, too, by having a cake stall at Bellarine Allied Health Group and the film afternoon at Bellarine.

About 50 people enjoyed the delicious afternoon tea provided by the Year 9 students (who normally take their cooking home!). The students appreciated the good cause and did a terrific job. Year 12 students who visited Viqueque last year as part of their Global Politics - Our World subject happily mingled with filmgoers and shared their insights of Timor-Leste, a developing nation.

They also offered their observations of the kindergarten and the children. There were so many physical differences, but also so many things in common: like cheeky kids, keen kids, kids that just want to have fun and play. There were kids who were so eager to learn, so play and learn together they did! 

From community donations and the aforementioned events, over $1000 was raised. Funds will buy traditionally-made Timorese drums, a parachute and other instruments useful for the music program in the local kindergartens. Some picture story books were also purchased and have been translated into Tetum, the local language.

So obrigada barak (thank you very much) for your support, interest and donations towards the work that Christian College teams are contributing to the community of Viqueque. The working team who are also visiting Viqueque these coming holidays consists of staff and past students. They will renovate the kindergarten playground, which has been gradually attacked by termites over the last three years.

And so the Christian College legacy lives on and strengthens the relationships in Viqueque, thanks to the generosity and interest of our amazing community on the Bellarine.

Deb Singleton
East Timor Committee 


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