Australian History excursion

Early on Tuesday morning the Year 11 and 12 Australian History class eagerly jumped aboard a V/Line train heading to Melbourne.

The students and teachers were ready to see many of the features of Melbourne that we had been discussing in our first area of study, which explores the transformation of the Port Phillip District in Victoria. Students visited the Bunjilaka Exhibition at Melbourne Museum exploring the resourcefulness and skill of the Aboriginal people in Victoria.

They also explored the challenges that the Aboriginal people faced with European contact. Students enjoyed finding evidence and information that they will utilise in their upcoming assessment tasks. It was then on to 'The Melbourne Story' exhibition, where students particularly enjoyed the interactive features of this exhibit, seeing and feeling what life was like in early Melbourne.

After a short break for lunch, the group was on the move again, this time to a walking trail. 'The Golden Mile' is a journey around the Melbourne CBD that highlights the impact of the 1850s Gold Rush on Melbourne. Assisted by the 'Golden Mile' app on our phones, we were able to locate key features that highlighted the role of gold in the expansion of Melbourne, from a key pastoralist town to a thriving metropolis and cultural mecca. The excursion was a wonderful opportunity for our students to see first-hand the long-lasting impact of decisions and events that happened long ago in our state and the relevance that this historical information has today.

Georgia Barber

Australian History teacher


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