Year 1 Integrated Studies - 'We are Family'

This term the Year One students have been learning all about the past and present in our Integrated Studies unit: 'We are Family'. 

The children delighted in bringing special ‘treasures’ from home to share with the class and enjoyed placing these in chronological order. We had a range of treasures, including 1st Birthday cards, old teddies, holiday souvenirs, special photos and recent items of special interest and meaning.

When speaking about his 1st Birthday invitation, Hudson said: “It is special because it is from my very 1st Birthday”.

When showing his car, Daniel said: “It is special because it is really fun to play with”.

During ‘Investigations’, the children continued their exploration of the ‘olden days’ with some students re-creating their very own olden days school, which included a blackboard with chalk and students sitting in straight rows. There was a Headmaster in the ‘olden days’ school and the Teacher, Miss Phoebe, was showing the children how to do their neatest handwriting.

Old-fashioned toys also proved to be an area of interest, with students making their own ‘cup and ball’ game. It’s amazing how some toys never lose their entertainment value. All in all, the Year One students have thoroughly enjoyed exploring all aspects of this unit and it was lovely for the children to be able to share a special part of their past with their present class-mates.

The Year One Team


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