Year 9 Studio Art - Geelong After Dark Exhibition

We're In! The Geelong After Dark Exhibition has accepted our expression of interest for Year 9 Studio Art.

It is with great pleasure that I inform the greater school community that we have been accepted by the Geelong After Dark Exhibition Committee to take part in their show. Our deconstructed music instruments are well on the way to being re-made into abstract objects and they will be combined in an Installation/Public Art composition for the upcoming exhibition on May 5th (more information about this exhibition can be found at   

2016 After Dark Exhibition examples attached. 

Below is a few excerpts from our students progressive journals about their experience so far: 

"This week in Studio Art, we took all the keys off the piano and dipped them in either black or white paint and let the paint fall down the piano keys and create a unique effect. We painted shapes at the back of the piano with iridescent paint. We used all different types of glow in the dark paint, like green, pink, yellow, orange and blue. We took the front of the piano off so we could show what is in the piano and show the strings," said Corey (Year 9). 

"We started off by taping all the areas that we didn’t want white paint on, like all the knobs and buttons - as well as the head of the guitar. After that, we painted it all white using house paint, so when it is outside, it won't weather and get damaged. This took a while because we didn’t want any visible brush strokes or any bubbles. We had to paint it white first before the glow paint, otherwise under the black light, the paint wouldn’t glow," Jaspa (Year 9).

"Today was a tough but productive day. Oliver, Meg and I were using the hot glue gun to stick on pieces of cardboard to the guitar pieces. The cardboard pieces are used so that the flimsy and fragile guitar bits do not break or bend. The cardboard will also give the structure strength, while also looking good," Charlotte (Year 9).

Lori Ruplal
Art Teacher 


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