House Athletics Carnival

I wish to congratulate all the Senior students on their athletic performances and support of the 2017 House Athletics Carnival held yesterday.

Your athletic skill and enthusiasm towards your House was greatly appreciated. We congratulate Penman House on their victory, along with our Year Level Champions. It has been a great term of House sport, and we look forward to Term 2 where the competitions continue for the DC Riddle Cup! Thank you to our House Prefects on your brilliant work this term.

2017 House Athletics Carnival result: 1st Penman 1442 pts; 2nd Flynn 1385 pts; 3rd Taylor 1384 pts; 4th Burrows 1223 pts

Year Level Champions: Year 10 Girls: 1st - India Smith (F), 2nd - Elise Ramsey (F), 3rd - Briely Wight (P); Year 10 Boys: 1st - Sam De Francesco (P), 2nd - Connor Hickey (F), 3rd - Riley MacDonald (P); Year 11 Girls: 1st - Issy Hackett (B), 2nd - Jessie Morrow (P), 3rd - Emily Scott (T) and Sachi De Giacomi (F); Year 11 Boys: 1st - Matt Tattersall (F), 2nd - Connor Idun (T), 3rd - Charlie Dent (P); Year 12 Girls: 1st - Tess Kirsopp-Cole (F), 2nd - Merryn Hall (B), 3rd - Georgia Ryan (P); Year 12 Boys: 1st - Michael Little (T), 2nd - Josh Crapper (P), 3rd - Jack Nelson (T).

Our thanks to Year 9 student, Lachlan Smith, for taking some of our featured photos.

Andrew Richardson

Head of Sport - Senior School



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