Geologically Good Timing

While one half of our Year 8 cohort were on a 'GEOS' camp, which combines Geography, Outdoor Education and Science, it was perfect timing for the other three classes to experience something similar on the Great Ocean Road.

So on Wednesday, the students stood above Bells Beach and observed the Earth story (Geography) before them. Their challenge was to imagine what may have happened in the past – and is still happening – to create such a unique and valuable location using their studies of the Earth (Geology) in Science classes this month.

We then travelled to Point Roadknight and walked around the headland to take in the view of Eagle Rock. While the geography changed, the students worked out that much of the same geology still applied. The energy and enthusiasm of the students to engage in every activity and explore each location led to a rich and rewarding excursion for students and staff alike.


Mr Michael Neaves

Director of Teaching and Learning - Science


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