Medieval Day

The study of Year 8 History leads students on a journey through the Medieval time period in Europe.

Work within the classroom has been rich and engaging, introducing students to many wondrous ideas and concepts. This teaching only reaches so far. Through the work of ‘History Up Close’ and the practical and hands-on approach to teaching Medieval history, the students are given a chance to experience what living almost 600 years ago would have been like. 

Covering everything from music and the instruments that were played, to the weapons that were used and the clothes that were worn during Medieval times. The students finish the day with a greater understanding of how Medieval society interacted, having participated in a feast as well as playing traditional Medieval games. 

These experiences add tremendous value to the curriculum and are invaluable as we seek to provide students with a rich and vibrant environment to enhance their learning.


Mr Leon O'Neill

Year 8 History Teacher



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