Year 1 Christian Education

The focus for the Year 1 group this term has been the 'Creation Story'. Students were amazed by the wonder of God’s creation and completed collage murals reflecting the 7 days of creation.

'Awesome', 'Amazing', 'Incredible' were words uttered countless times as students delved into aspects of God’s wonderful world.

"How did God hang the stars in the sky and why don’t they fall down?"

"I love the beautiful patterns God put on the animals, it is as if he painted them with a brush."

"Why did God place that tree in the garden?"

The story of 'Noah’s Ark' further added to their enthusiasm and their wonder. As well as reading the biblical story, students also viewed replicas built to the actual size of the Ark and further investigated aspects of its size. This again raised many questions.

"How did all those animals fit into the ark? What did they eat? How were they separated?"

As we come to the end of a busy term, our attention turns to Easter and the amazing love God demonstrated for us. Students are involved in creating storyboards of Christ’s journey to the cross, culminating in his resurrection.


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