A message from the Head of Senior School

As our Term 1 draws to a close, I can say that it has gone quickly but so much has been achieved. Schools are busy places and we often say: “that term was very busy”. I am of the view that all terms are very busy due to the nature of our education system.

We cram so much into defined time periods and it is only near the end when one may reflect on what has taken place. During this term, we have had our Prefect Investiture, House Swimming and Athletics, along with other House events like Cricket.

The Outdoor Education department has had trips going weekly, and we currently have two overseas 'Our World' classes on tour - one in Indonesia and one in Vietnam. Peter Pan rehearsals have been under way most the term, and all participants are working very hard. The cricketers won their division, as did our Tennis players.

All this has the backdrop of the most important aspect of our school, that being the teaching and learning. Here we have seen a great deal of terrific work by the students. Working hard to learn, understand and then master all before them. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of walking with a large group of parents and guardians during the scholarship tests. The parents were told of how we educate our students. The days of sitting in rows and receiving knowledge and then being able to repeat it are long gone. We at Christian College use 'Building Learning Power' (BLP) to assist with the learning. These muscles are selected by the students to work on and use for that lesson. This is supported by solid research, and next term at Senior School we will have a leading expert to present to the staff on the benefits and use of BLP in the classroom.

Our well-being program is supported by restorative practice, in which we see that relationships need to be restored by face-to-face communication. This is distant to the previous and traditional punitive approach. It is no longer about punishing, but ensuring future choices are better made. There are still, in some instances, a consequence that sits along with the restorative approach.

I wish to thank Mr Andrew Richardson and Mr Paul Breguet for all of their hard work in presenting the House Athletics. They worked hard to ensure everything went well and we are fortunate to have them on staff. To the Heads of House, a huge congratulations. These dedicated people in Mr Simon Peake, Mr Steven Sullivan, Ms Elissa Huddart and Mr Damian Stephenson worked tirelessly behind the scenes to have the correct number of athletes where they should be, at the correct time.

As we enter the holiday period, we have a very important occasion on Friday - our Easter Service. Easter falls at the end of the holidays but we should remember this holy occasion. Easter marks the end of Holy Week, in which as Christians, we commemorate the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I hope you all remember the real reason why we celebrate Easter and the importance of it in our lives and our faith.

I wish all of our students, staff and families a safe and happy holiday.

Bless you

Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School


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