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Year 3 Excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium

As a part of the Year 3 students' Integrated Studies unit ‘Is it Alive?’, the students, teachers and parent helpers set off on the train to the Melbourne Aquarium. The students took part in a guided tour of the Aquarium, learning about the classification, characteristics and adaptations of different ocean animals. They visited the shark and stingray tank, where they saw 'Mr G' - the biggest fish in the Aquarium. They visited the reptile section and the amphibians. The students had the chance to touch starfish and sea sponges in the touch pool and they had so much fun watching the penguins swim and waddle around. The tour concluded with the students watching a 4D movie. The students had a wonderful day learning, and enjoying each other’s company.

Responsible Pet Ownership Program

The Year 3 students also had the opportunity to take part in an incursion at school this week. This incursion was part of the unit, ‘Is it Alive?’. Melissa and her dog, 'Snowy the Dalmatian' from the Responsible Pet Ownership program, visited each of the classes for an in-depth lesson about how to behave around pets, especially cats and dogs. Melissa taught the students how to approach a dog when they come across one, and what to do when they meet an unhappy dog. Some of the students had the opportunity to pat Snowy using the correct techniques.

Wonka Day

After many weeks of reading the book, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', completing comprehension tasks and character studies, the Year 3 students enjoyed celebrating their literature studies by taking part in 'Wonka Day'. The students enjoyed Wonka treats and a chocolate fountain while watching the original 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' movie.



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