'Hunting' for the real meaning of Easter - Yr 5 and 9 Mentor Program

Written by Naomi Chang and Ava Halloran - Year 9 Mentors

On Monday, the Year 9 mentors ran activities for the Year 5 students relating to Easter. There were three rotations: a scavenger hunt, an Easter egg hunt and a short video and discussion in the Chapel.

For the scavenger hunt, mentors divided the Easter story into parts and put them in plastic Easter eggs, coloured correspondingly to the four Houses. The eggs were then hidden and the Year 5 students were asked to find all the eggs and arrange the Easter story within their Houses - so it would be in the correct order. The winning House won points for their House.

While the other two activities were being conducted, each class from the Year 5 level completed a small Easter egg hunt in the school courtyard. Each class was divided up into their House groups and the aim of the hunt was to find as many eggs as possible. However, students were only allowed to pick up one egg at a time, and then place it into the bucket which represented their House. After the 10 minutes of finding the eggs had finished, the mentors counted up the amount in each bucket and the winning House was allocated House points.

The morning allowed the mentors to spend some quality time with the Year 5 students, and help them develop an understanding of the real meaning of Easter while having some fun.


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