Message from the Head of Campus

Thank you for your support and for partnering with us to provide some wonderful learning opportunities for our students throughout Term 1. I have been delighted to see many new initiatives implemented and the joy our students have found in their personal participation. It has been encouraging to see our Year 5 students complete their first Term here at Middle School, transitioning and participating with confidence and resilience! Only 19 terms remaining for them :)

I wish all of our families a wonderful holiday break and blessed Easter. This is a pertinent time for us all to stop, be still and reflect on the amazing love and hope our Lord has offered us through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus. This is a love that we have freely available to us, a love that overcomes, endures and redeems. A hope that promises, restores and inspires. May you know the Lord’s peace and light as you celebrate Easter.

Students and staff were fortunate today to enjoy an Easter service, with a group of students sharing a powerfully moving, yet simple message, focusing on the redeeming power of God in our lives. As we approach the miracle of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus and the importance of this in our lives, I wish to share this clip with you The Risen Way, which depicts the power of the resurrection. I pray that this may be encouraging and thought provoking as you prepare to celebrate Easter with your family.


Staffing Updates:

The end of Term 1 2017, we farewell two much loved staff members to Christian College, as they both individually embark on the next chapter of their journey... retirement. We wish Mrs Anne Monagle and Mrs Penny Edmanson all of God's richest blessings and thank them for the wonderful investment and contribution they've made into the life of our College. 

Subsequently, we are delighted to welcome back Mrs Leslie Deans for Term 2, to cover Mrs Monagle's Textiles classes. All other classes have been re-assigned to current FT and PT members of staff. As a result of the staffing changes, some classes across Years 5/6/7 will be assigned a new teacher from Term 2, with changes also made to class and student timetables. This will be updated in the Student and Parent Portal over the break. Staff taking over new classes for Term 2, will contact parents via email early in the term to introduce themselves.


Kindest regards,

Tony Costa

Head of Campus



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