'Pen and Paper' - Year 9 Editorial Publication

As part of the Year 9 'Editorial' elective, we have been working towards an online publication 'Pen & Paper'.

We have worked hard during the first term to create and edit pieces to put on this website platform. We had to collaborate on the design of 'Pen & Paper', such as choosing the title, colour, font and layout. An observational piece was our first piece of work, followed by our 'My Stories'. We have edited our work through peer assessment, allowing us to build on our skills.  'Pen & Paper' will be regularly updated as we publish poetry, images, and journalism articles.

Thank you to Mr Benson, Mr Timpano, Mr Matt Murnane for advice, ideas and help.

The website is available to everyone in the Christian College community, and can be accessed via this link below.


We hope you enjoy 'Pen & Paper'.

Shakira Kehler, Year 9R

Photos: Kamarah Blackhall, Year 9M


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