Geography, Environmental and Outdoor Studies Camp - Year 8

In the last week of Term 1, the Year 8 cohort travelled to the Otway Ranges for a five-day GEOS camp (Geography, Environmental and Outdoor Studies).

They were blessed with a wonderful combination of Victorian weather, which provided for stunning views as well as one or two challenges, with cold fronts and high winds adding to the drama. The students had many highlights, ranging from the thrill of mountain bike riding and the pride in seeing each other work together to solve the initiative challenges, to the amazing natural beauty of the Otway waterfalls, or the peace of floating along the Anglesea river in a kayak.

Along with these highlights, students were challenged to step outside of their comfort zones; whether that be sleeping in a tent, cooking their own meals, developing new friendships, or hiking up steep hills. This experience deliberately aimed to develop resilience, independence, interdependence and perseverance. And hopefully you are able to reap the rewards of that with your young person.

Finally, the trip also combined curriculum elements from the Outdoor Education, Geography and Science faculties, which allowed the students to engage in some real-life learning. As one student put it at Eagle Rock in Aireys Inlet: “I wish all Science lessons were like this!”. 

Tim Wright
Environmental & Outdoor StudiesTeacher


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