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Supporting your child through the process of choosing study options and a future career is not an easy task. Some teenagers have a set idea of what they want to do after school, but it is also very common for them to feel unsure of what the future holds and lack direction.

The Morrisby Online careers tool is based on psychometric assessments, which can help inspire your child to explore different career and education options and get a feel for the opportunities available to them.

The careers and education planning tools are fully interactive and offer personalised advice, helping your child to choose options and make informed decisions about study pathways and career opportunities.

Morrisby Online is a comprehensive career guidance system that has become widely used in Melbourne over the last few years, particularly in the independent school sector. This is an update of the paper-based Morrisby Report, which some of you will be familiar with from previous years.

Students complete a series of timed assessments and untimed questionnaires, taking a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes. A profile is then generated which describes their abilities, personality, and career interests, and blends this information to suggest a number of careers for further exploration. The results are presented online (as well as being printable as a PDF report), and interactive elements of the system mean that this information forms an excellent starting point for a career discussion.

The inclusion of the ability or aptitude measures is a key element of Morrisby products and these are used to identify potential (rather than current academic attainment) and direction of strengths. While for many students career interests do reflect their tested strengths, this should not be assumed to always be the case.

To complete the process, interested Year 10, 11 and Year 12 students are invited to attend a session on:            

Saturday, 27th May, 9.30am – 11.30am

Immediately following the profiling, parents are invited to join their son or daughter for a 30-minute presentation of how to interpret and make effective use of the results. The presenter for this will be Barry Darnell from Career Analysts - the Australian distributor of Morrisby products. The cost of the program is approximately $65 per student. 

Please email an 'expression of interest' and any further questions to at your earliest convenience. Payment will be due by Friday, 5th May and are cash only, paid in a named envelope and handed to Cathy in the Senior School Student Office.

Robyn Smith

Careers Guidance - Senior School


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