Welcome Back from the Head of Campus

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Can I extend a very warm welcome on return to Middle School for Term 2. We trust you have enjoyed a restful and enjoyable break over the Easter period and enjoyed precious time together as a family. This week our staff have enjoyed the enthusiastic and rejuvenated attitudes our students have returned with and it has been wonderful to see the joy our students have in reconnecting with our school community after a break.

In our commencement assembly on Wednesday morning, our College Principal Mr Glen McKeeman,  encouraged our students to continue to focus on making a positive difference to human capital (others) through doing ‘good work’ that is excellent, ethical and engaged in local and global contexts. Mr McKeeman shared many examples of ‘good works’ to illustrate this vision to the students. We are seeing many examples of our students doing ‘good work’ in their learning programs - work that seeks to serve others. This is very exciting and we can have great hope that our young people can make positive change in our world.

Term 2 is shaping up to be another busy term, packed with many rich learning opportunities, excursions and camps.

Reading the weekly 'Vine' (along with our online calendar of events) is the best way to keep up to date with everything throughout the term. I would particularly like to draw your attention to our 'Learning Conferences' on Tuesday, 9th May. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet your child’s teachers to discuss the learning progress of your young person thus far. I look forward to touching base with you at the Learning Conferences.


Kind regards,

Mr Tony Costa

Head of Campus



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