House Cross-Country & Tug 'O' War

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Senior School House Cross Country and Tug ‘O’ War Championships will be held on Wednesday, 3rd May at Christian College Senior Campus.

The College believes participation in House sport competitions are an integral part of the Senior School program. At most, the Cross Country involves 25 minutes of moderate exercise. If your child is ill or injured, please ensure that a note explaining the details of the illness or injury - and what participation is allowed - is handed to their House Group teacher before the event.

Each student participating in the Cross Country will be awarded points towards the 'DC Riddle Cup', therefore all students are encouraged to run for their House. Students will be completing a 3km course around our Senior Campus. As a result of running in this event, students will have the opportunity to represent Christian College at the GISSA Cross Country.

All students are to wear their House polo shirt with their College sports gear to school on the day. Students with special medical needs are required to bring their own medication ie. Ventolin, Epi-pen. If you child's medical condition has altered since completing the medical form at the beginning of the school year, please inform your House Group teacher in writing.

Parents are warmly invited to attend and watch their children participate.

Arrangements for the day:

  9:20am          All students to attend Period 1 and 2 classes as normal.

11:20am          Senior School students move to the Bottom Oval

11:30am          Event welcome and race briefing for the 3km Cross Country

11:50am          3km House Cross Country race begins for all Senior girls (Year 10, 11 and 12)

12:20pm          3km House Cross Country race begins for all Senior boys (Year 10, 11 and 12)

12:45pm          House Tug ’O’ War competition 

  1:00pm          Presentations: Tug ’O’ War Champions, Fastest Male & Female, Year Level Cross Country winners and House Champions

  1.50pm          All students to attend Period 6 and 7 classes as normal.

The Teacher in charge of the sporting event is Mr. Andrew Richardson. The mobile contact on the day of the carnival is 0407 851 909.




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