'See, Think, Wonder' - Year 9 Marine Studies

The Year 9 Marine Studies classes have been exploring the marine environment through their snorkel sessions last term and are now beginning to look at various impacts placed upon this environment.

This week students were taken to three locations along Thompson Creek, firstly where there is fresh water upstream, then around the Karaaf wetlands near Breamlea and finally at the estuary where the creek runs out to the sea. Along the way, students were to complete a Visible Thinking routine called ‘See, Think, Wonder’, to encourage students to contemplate the environmental impacts that may or may not influence the health of our marine ecosystem at or beyond the river mouth.

Firstly, students recorded what they physically saw at each location, followed by their thoughts around these and their potential impacts further downstream. Students were then to ask themselves questions as to what they wonder may or may not occur within the marine environment downstream.

Through these activities, students began to identify some of the big issues facing the marine ecosystem. For example, some students commented on the rubbish left behind that could wash or be blown into the creek and end up in the ocean, where animals might mistake it for food and become harmful. Another student commented on the water run-off and that potential use of pesticides and other chemicals from nearby vineyards and farms that could harm the environment.

These observations led the students towards understanding topics such as plastics (from rubbish), water run-off (including harmful chemicals other pollutants) and climate change. Themes such as these will be studied in greater depth back in the classroom in order to gain a greater understanding of the science behind these impacts.

Finally, using their ‘BLP’ dispositions, students peer taught and collaborated to share their ‘findings’ and ‘wonderings’ by drawing these in the sand at the creek mouth to the ocean, to further their own and others understandings.  


Mr Ian Neville

Middle Classroom Teacher


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