If only the walls could talk... Year 7 Writers Workshop

On Wednesday afternoon, the Year 7 Writer’s Workshop students explored the ‘dungeon’ and ‘tunnels’ under the school as a stimulus for their upcoming writing piece.

This involved crawling through some very dark, dusty and smelly passages and observing evidence left there from the past, including broken beds and mattresses. The students were excited, apprehensive and curious prior to entering. Afterwards they were exhilarated, relieved and a little dirty, but excited to get stuck into their writing!

Last week, they had looked at some of the records of children who had lived at St Augustine’s Orphanage some 36 years ago and watched a short film. The students are now going to use this information and experience as stimulus for writing a piece about a former resident of the orphanage and imagining why he might have been down there.

We look forward to seeing how this hands-on experience adds 'colour' and 'depth' to their writing!

Miss Rebecca Wellins

Classroom Teacher


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