Immigration Museum Excursion - Year 6

As part of our History and Civics Studies this term we explored the city of Melbourne.

We started at the Immigration Museum where students took part in an activity where they had to identify the immigrant from the contents of their suitcase, before being given their own passport to explore the rest of the museum in groups. This was followed by a walk along the Yarra River to look at the Immigration bridge, followed by a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria where we looked at 'The Pioneer', which is a painting by Frederick McCubbin from the time of our country becoming a nation. The students then had the chance to explore Hosier Lane and the various types of street art that can be found there. Lastly, we went to the Treasury Building where the students were given a tour by volunteer staff.

Below is a couple of the student's reflections on the day:

"We learnt about lots of people, not only from England though. We saw lots of different things like what it looked like before and after on the ship. We learnt that most people came to Australia for the gold rush and what you need for the gold rush." Leonora.

"At the Immigration Museum I learnt that most people who have immigrated have a hard time getting over here especially the men and women from Vietnam, who had to travel during 1960's because the Vietnam War was on during then so they had to first ride on fishing boats and dinghies then on planes to Melbourne."


Mrs Ruplal
Year 6 Homeroom teacher


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