A message from the Head of Senior School

Peter Pan

The large number of our community that saw Peter Pan last weekend would agree that it was a production of the highest standard. Each of the three shows were sold out and provided entertainment for young and old.

We marvelled at the ability of Captain Hook and soared with Peter Pan, as well as ventured with Wendy on her quest. The pirates came to life and we were all frightened when the crocodile entered the stage.

Such a production relied on so many volunteers and their efforts are worthy of mention. Such school productions allow so many people to connect with each other with a common goal in mind. This very important aspect is what gives great schools the added factor that sets them apart from others.

Mandy Calderwood as the Director again delivered a production that kept us all on the edge of our seats. Michaela Gregory as Assistant Director and Stage Manager proved to be such a valuable person in bringing it all together and the cast thoroughly enjoyed her coaching. The Musical Director, Kate Notini, was responsible for the wonderful music that accompanied the dramatic part on stage. Our Director of Music, Fiona Gardner, led her department so well and allowed so many musicians to be involved. Antony Benson built and led the set design and construction. His diligence over many late nights enabled us to visualise so much of what Mandy wanted us to experience.

Finally, to Andrew Dunlop, who delivers all the 'behind the scenes' support in providing and removing the equipment, a huge thank you. We are blessed to have “Dunny”. There are also so many others whom I have not mentioned that contributed in their own special way and, when all combined, provided us with a special night to remember.


Learning Conferences

I wish to thank the parents and guardians who attended our Learning Conferences this week. I do apologise for the change of venue, but as you would have realised, our library flooded in the recent downpour. It has only just been opened again and reminded us of how valuable a venue this is in our teaching and learning. I wish to also thank the teachers for their time to prepare for the conferences and providing such valuable feedback to parents and guardians. The staff also felt the feedback they received will enable them to better teach your son or daughter.

I thank the parents for giving such positive feedback in relation to the 'in-time reporting'. This has enabled parents and guardians to receive assessments and comments in “real time” and keep them better informed.

I ask that if you have further comments to please contact me.

I thank you sincerely.

Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School


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