Geelong After Dark Reflections - Year 9

The final product of my installation artwork was very exciting. I was overjoyed at the final result, as it was nowhere near my group's first design. I was a little discouraged when my artwork broke or didn’t go to plan, but now that I look at it, it is amazing how much better it looks compared to how I had first imagined it to be. Being a part of a public art show was very rewarding for me. I was able to share what I had created with so many people and I was very proud to do so. One thing that surprised me about 'Geelong After Dark' was how many people were asking questions. I was amazed at the level of interest from the public in something that I had created. This made me extremely proud and made all of the hard work pay off. I would definitely do it all over again.

Charlotte Hunter, 9S.

The 'Geelong After Dark Art' exhibition was one of the best experiences of my life so far! It gave me so much extra confidence to speak to the public. But the best thing I took out of the night was getting to see all the different ways of presenting “the sound of light”, and being able to see their point of view. We created something incredible and getting to show that to the public and meet them was such an amazing experience. I think getting to see the smiles on their faces and how interested they were really warmed my heart. I felt very honored to be there and a part of that night!

Taylah Beard, 9S.


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