Safety in the Car Park

The car park area outside the kindergarten is very useful for our community, especially at drop off and pick up time. It is, however, a public car park area and we have no control over the driving behaviour of all users.

We ask all parents who use this area to walk with their children to and from the school gate. We are noticing that parents are speeding through the car park after they have dropped off or collected their children. Please drive out of the car park at a walking pace to ensure the safety of our students.

This morning, we have been made aware that a car parked illegally created a dangerous situation, as other cars tried to drive around the end of the car park. Continued failure to comply with the request to drive and park responsibly (and legally) in the car park will require our College to take further measures to protect the safety of our children.

Please be aware that there will be consequences for illegal parking.

We thank you for your attention to this very important safety matter



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