VCAL Students of the Week

Year 11 Angus Heathcote

I have chosen to be an Electrician, as I think that there is a lot of money in the trade and there will always be work. Working towards this goal, I am studying VET Certificate II in 'Electro Technology' at the Gordon each Wednesday afternoon as part of my VCAL course. They are teaching me things that I would not learn on the worksite, like what screws to use on certain materials. I learn a lot about different sources of energy, and pretty much everything that relates to the electrical trade. At work placement on Fridays, I have been able to apply what I have learned with fittings and fixings into the walls. I enjoy learning new skills and having a laugh with the people I work with. A typical Friday at work for me depends on which of our jobsites are ready. Sometimes there is no work outside of the garage for the whole day. Sometimes I go out before lunch or after lunch, and sometimes I spend the whole day out. What I typically do is strip the cables and do all the GPO’s (power points) and data points. I also do a fair bit of 'roughing in' (running cables through the walls before fitting off [putting on GPO’s]). Every Friday we go out for lunch. For me, the VCAL pathway has many benefits for my future as an Electrician, as I am able to study and start work much earlier while I am still at school.

Year 12 Finn McConnell

My chosen career path is Plumbing, as I am interested in this area and it is good money. The VET course I study at The Gordon is part of my VCAL is Certificate II in Plumbing. This helps me to work towards my career by teaching me new practical skills, like how to work properly with sheet metal, weld, and do pipework. I also do theory work, like doing scale drawings and written plumbing work. I have been able to apply what I have learned at VET to my work placement by applying the skills with sheet metal to help me make up gutters and do flashings. I enjoy the banter with the boys while getting the job done. A typical Friday for me involves starting work at 7am. I work on high roof tops, either laying sheets or doing flashings. First ‘smoko’ is at 9.30am. I go back to work on the roof at 10am and then have second ‘smoko’ at 12.30 pm. I go back to work on the roof at 1pm and start cleaning up my work area at 3pm, ready to knock off at 3.30 pm. Studying VCAL and VET is great if you want to do some sort of trade. You learn what is relevant to you and you get the opportunity for work experience while still at school.



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