Our World - Central Australia

Titjikala Primary is a remote school located a couple of hours south of Alice Springs in Central Australia. The school is attended by approximately 30 Indigenous students from the tiny community.'

During the first two weeks of this term, a group of 19 Christian College Year 10 'Our World' students, with four staff, travelled to the Centre to deepen their understanding of the way of life and challenges facing Indigenous communities. A lot was gained through immersion at Coober Peedy, Kata Tjuta and Uluru. However, it was the relationships developed between CCG and Titjikala students that proved to be a window between two worlds. Whilst the teachers and pupils at Titjikala welcome the tuition from the ‘Geelong Mob’, our students gain at least as much - as they develop their connection to people and country.

Already a number of students are hatching plans to get back there!

Jason O'Loughlin and Celeste Pryke

Our World - Central Australia Teachers



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