Teachers and Tradespeople Support Viqueque Community

In the April school holidays, a group of 10 tradespeople and teachers volunteered their time and services in Viqueque, Geelong’s sister village.

While in the community for the week, much was accomplished. They were able to:

  • Install a rainwater tank, guttering and spouting. Even though the dry season was meant to have arrived, it poured with rain a few times so the tank is now full of water. The Prefect group who visit in July will benefit from this secure water supply.
  • Paint kindergarten playground equipment.
  • Repair a see-saw.
  • Put up bag hooks and clocks inside the kindergarten.
  • Run kindergarten training sessions for local teachers, focusing on music in their curriculum.
  • Local drums were made and funds donated from the Geelong Kindergarten Association covered this cost.
  • Many Bellarine community minded 'crafty hands' joined forces to make colourful bags to put the instruments in.
  • Parachutes were donated – and what a hoot they were! The primary school and kindergarten teachers and kids were delighted.
  • Other musical instruments were donated through the Christian College and local Bellarine community.
  • The art community in St Kilda were also right behind the kindergarten training workshops, and donated a suitcase full of powdered paints and glues. 
  • The kindergarten teachers were delighted with so many generous gifts, including the gift of ideas to maximise the students’ engagement and opportunities to play and paint.
  • The group visited all the schools that Christian College officially support, as well as other schools and kindergartens at the end of long pot-holed roads.
  • A highlight was being invited to the graduation ceremony of a group of local students who had attended more than six months of English tuition at the 'Community House'. The families cooked a feast for us to share after the ceremony. Proud mums and dads were there taking photos of their sons and daughters. It was a particularly humbling occasion because the volunteer teachers had the idea to run the classes and then followed through with the course themselves. Christian College can be proud of this community, Viqueque, who has leaders prepared to step up and initiate such programs, independent of any College involvement.


Obrigada Barak.
Thanks very much.

Deb Singleton 


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