Butterfield House News: Skyping Friends in East Timor

What a delight to have Deb Singleton come to Butterfield House last week and, through the wonders of technology, the chance to Skype with our friends in Viqueque, East Timor.
Thank you Deb for taking the time to note these following highlights:

  • The three and four-year-old children understood that Viqueque, our buddy village in Timor-Leste, was in another country and that the children there spoke a different language. Children from Butterfield House wished the kindergarten kids in Viqueque a hearty “Bondia!” or “Good Morning!” during the video link last Friday.
  • The kindergarten children in Viqueque know the song “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…” just like our Geelong students. So each group sang and danced for the other, via video link.
  • The children from Butterfield House took the Viqueque kids on a walk (via video link) down to the bush kindergarten site. Kangaroos bounded away just before the video could capture the moment. Maybe next time we will be quick enough to share our Australian wildlife with our Timorese friends.
  • The Viqueque kindergarten students then took our children on a walk to their playground. The Butterfield House children quickly spotted a slide and swings on the screen and made comments like: “They’ve got a slide just like us.” It was lovely for the inaugural video link to go so well and to witness the beautiful connections that children from Timor-Leste and Geelong have made. The session finished with cries of “Adeus!” on both sides of the webcams.

As a new campus on the Surf Coast, it is exciting to have Deb support us in building a new strand in the Christian College relationship to Viqueque. Already we have new staff eager to visit Viqueque, and children with a widening world view… a new connection has been created!

Special thanks to Deb Singleton, Timor Liaison Officer at CCG, and Louis Carpenter, our CCG IT Wizard, for bringing it all together.


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