Student use of Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners have become rather popular at Middle School!  

Although permitted before and after school or during recess and lunchtime, the use of these are becoming more prevalent within classes, causing a distraction to learning. As a result, this week students have been given clear guidelines around the use of these through their Homeroom teachers.

Students have been informed that Fidget Spinners are not to be used or visible during any class throughout the day. If they are used or visible, they will be confiscated for 24 hours and parents and guardians communicated to via a SEQTA notification. Should there be a second misdemeanour, the Fidget Spinner may be confiscated for the remainder of the term.

We are aware that some students do use ‘sensory toys’ designed to assist them to focus and to ease anxiety. These sensory toys have generally been supplied by the Learning Support staff with the guidelines that they are to be used discretely and should not distract themselves or others. For the purpose of consistency, these sensory toys should not include Fidget Spinners. 

We thank you for your understanding and support with this as we continue to provide optimum learning environments for your children.


Mr Tony Costa

Head of Middle School Campus Highton 



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