Christian College regains GISSA Track and Field Title

Following 13 years of dominance, the Christian College Track and Field team hit a bump in 2016, placing third overall at the GISSA Championships.

But with a renewed commitment, a willingness to function as a team in an event that requires individual performance, and our students' athletic talent coming to the fore, Christian College was able to record a convincing victory and take out the title for 2017!

Led by Captains Tess Kirsopp Cole and Michael Little, the team was dominant from the first event on the track, with Bethany Dean winning her 1500m event. It was a particular domination in the 4 x 100m relays, with the College winning seven and placing 2nd in nine out of the 10 events.

All students contributed towards the victory, and are to be congratulated on the manner in which they supported each other, filled in for other injured athletes and persevered throughout the day.


  • Congratulations to the following students who set records: Ethan Grills (1500m), Bethany Dean (1500m), Jessica Seller (100m), Connor Hickey (100m), Jack Dyson (Shot Put), Briely Wight (Shot Put), Nyah Brown (400m), Kasey Perkins (400m and Triple Jump), Oscar Murdoch (Triple Jump), Archie Hildebrandt (High Jump) and Tess Kirsopp Cole (Triple Jump).
  • In her final Track and Field competition for the College, Tess Kirsopp Cole was a dominant winner in the 100m, 400m, Long Jump and Triple Jump. After completing her Year 12 studies in 2017, Tess is looking forward to some serious training and competition at the National level.
  • Kasey Perkins (100m, 400m, High Jump Triple Jump and Long Jump), Nyah Brown (100m and 400m), Bethany Dean (800m and 1500m) and Ethan Grills (800m and 1500m) were multiple event winners.
  • Sam DeFrancesco, with an injured right hand, threw with his non-preferred left hand to place second in the Shot Put. Sam also won the High Jump and anchored the 16 Year Boys 4 x 100m Relay to victory.

Individual events winners:

  • Shot Put - Abigail Hill, Jack Dyson, Briely Wight, AJ Wight, Kya Werner and Isabel Hackett.
  • Discus - Brunswick Sharp, Georgia Murdoch, Hamish Todd and Connor Idun.
  • Long Jump - Riley MacDonald, Tess Kirsopp Cole and Kendrick Kunoo.
  • Triple Jump - Tess Kirsopp Cole, Oscar Murdoch and Kasey Perkins.
  • High Jump - Elliot MacDonald, Kasey Perkins, Archie Hildebrandt, Jaz Bratanavicius and Sam DeFrancesco.
  • 100m (A Finals) - Nyah Brown, Kasey Perkins, Connor Hickey and Tess Kirsopp Cole.
  • 400m - Nyah Brown, Kasey Perkins and Tess Kirsopp Cole.
  • 800m - Bethany Dean, Ethan Grills and Bianca Pocklington.
  • 1500m - Ethan Grills, Bethany Dean, Cooper Geall and Montana Jones.


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