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VET in Schools 2017 Taster Program

The Careers Department would like to please draw your attention to the opportunity highlighted in the VET/VCAL notice for The Gordon's 2017 'Taster' Programs.

The Gordon offers the opportunity to school students to 'taste' the variety of course options available as a VET in School option. Pathways to a future career and learning vary so widely and are a reflection of the person on that journey. 

Please take time to look at what is being made available by The Gordon. Some of our students undertook several of these 'Tasters' in 2016, and not only enjoyed the experience, but were also enabled in their decision making. For one family I know of, this program paved the way to real happiness for their child. Education in the traditional form was challenging for them, however, after a number of 'Taster' classes, they found their way into an apprenticeship and have never been happier.

Our VET Coordinator has further information, as do House Group teachers, who have Registration Slips available.

Weekly Career News

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This week's topics are: 

  • Focus on sports careers.
  • Focus on global courses.
  • Pixel Prize Photography Competition.
  • Changes to entry requirements for selected art and design courses at Monash University.
  • Law Admission Test for law courses at UNSW - registration is now open. 
  • Robertson Scholars Leadership Program.
  • Teaching Secondary School level Mathematics
  • RMIT Experience Days - registration is now open.
  • DeakInspire Days - registration is now open
  • Australian Catholic University Experience Days - registration is opening soon




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