Sports Uniform Update

At Junior School, we are keen for our students to stay active and the daily Fitness Program is being adapted to provide opportunity for students at each year level to participate in a house based activity. On this day, the students are encouraged to wear their sports uniform with the house polo shirt. This will be in addition to the day the students wear sports uniform for Phys Ed. Please see the days for each class to wear their sports uniforms outlined below.                           

PE Uniform                                                    Sport Uniform

Prep B & G          Monday                               Friday

Prep R                 Tuesday                              Friday

Year 1B & G        Tuesday                               Friday

Year 1M & R        Wednesday                         Friday

All Year 2             Thursday                             Tuesday

Year 3B                Wednesday                         Friday

Year 3G                Thursday                             Friday   

Year 3R                Tuesday                               Friday

Year 4B                 Friday                                 Thursday

Year 4G                Monday                               Thursday

Year 4R                Wednesday                        Thursday


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