Science and Engineering Challenge 2017

On Friday, 19th May, Year 10 students were given the opportunity to attend the Science and Engineering Challenge at the CADET Centre at Deakin University.

It was brilliant. Students were able to experience working in engineering labs and find out more about engineering courses offered at Deakin. The students were involved in activities such as building catapults, bionic hands and the classic balsa wood bridge. As the day progressed, students designed, built and modified their models to make them more efficient and effective.

Credit to all our students for never giving up on their allocated tasks. We placed third on the day, out of seven schools from our region. At the end of the day, we were also invited to visit the high voltage labs where we viewed a high voltage display of lightning produced by tesla coils to the Star Wars soundtrack.

Our thanks to Deakin University and University of Newcastle for such a great experience.

John Tiglias

Mathematics and Science Teacher



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