VCAL Students of the Week

Year 11 Leyton Little

When I finish school, I want to go into the family circus business. I am studying Certificate II in Engineering “Fabrication”, which will give me the welding knowledge and skills that I need. VET has helped me at my work placement by making it easier to find the right tools and machinery for the job. Highlights of my work placement are being able to go out to 'real work', as well as build new friendships. It is different each week. Right now we are installing six-metre long steel beams into the ground at the Geelong Woodchip Plant. I now know that welding is not all about the welding. Before welding it all together, you need to measure the steel, cut it at the right length and then clean it. I think that if you are thinking of doing a trade, and wanting more hands-on work, then this is the perfect pathway.

Year 11 Charli Williams

My chosen career path is in the Sport and Recreation Industry. As part of my VCAL, I am undertaking a School Based Traineeship and studying Certificate III in Aquatics and Community Recreation through the Victorian Fitness Academy (VFA). I think that the Sport and Fitness Industry is a great career pathway, as it offers many opportunities such as teaching or coaching. I enjoy working with primary school children at my work placement at Christian College Bellarine Campus. It is amazing to watch the children interact socially, and to see how they deal with conflict. I love seeing the children mature over time and progress into young people with varying personalities and traits. I spend my workday in classes ranging from Prep to Year 4. I assist teachers by setting up equipment for the lesson ahead or preparing games for the children. I record information, or may teach a group of students. Being a support to them in any way is the biggest highlight to me. My advice to anyone considering VCAL, VET or an SBAT is to follow the pathway that is best for you.

Kerryn Fearnsides

VET/VCAL Coordinator


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