From the Principal: Connecting with MYTERN

Last term we had a visit from the creator of MYTERN, Dr. Jane Foster, to work with the leadership team, as well as a group of students from our Middle Schools. This workshop provided a forum to discuss ways that we can further encourage and support each other to make use of the MYTERN language and explore the benefits of taking responsibility for our own emotions.

In our community, the prevalence of and challenges associated with mental health, anxiety and depression, mean it is vital for us all to be seeking ways to develop greater resiliency and to look after our emotional well-being.

Some of the feedback we gained from engaging with the students about how we might connect more readily with MYTERN suggested improved use of social media. As a result, Dr. Foster has recently created an Instagram account and improved her Facebook page with the addition of a few short video clips.

You might also wish to visit the website, to subscribe to receive the daily SMS message or to download the App. To receive free access to these resources the code for Christian College families are as follows: MYTERN App is CCG2017 and the SMS direct to the phone is MYTERNCCG.

The value of MYTERN and the support that it offers was evident to the College staff during our Commencement Service that was led and presented by the Junior School Student Leaders from Belmont at the start of this term. The students involved clearly shared how they understood the fact that God was our partner on our journey through life and that we can prepare ourselves for the Red (rough) roads and enjoy the Green (Smooth) roads knowing that we can choose how we respond to the potholes or challenges that come our way.

I am grateful to the families that came to hear Dr. Foster speak at the information session and especially grateful to the students and staff in each of our Middle Schools that are championing MYTERN and encouraging others to make connections with the language.

Whatever road you find yourself on today, I encourage you to be gentle with yourself.

Take care,
Glen McKeeman


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