'7 for 7' Launch

One of the many opportunities extended to our Year 7 students is the ‘7 for 7’ program. This is an optional and student-driven program where students are encouraged to engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities to serve their community, promote personal development and to cultivate leadership.

The title ‘7 for 7’ originated out of the idea that students could choose to involve themselves in ‘7 activities for Year 7 development’.

The program is run over Term 2 and 3 where highlights are shared in year level assemblies to inspire others and maintain momentum. At the conclusion of the program, those students who have participated and reached the goal of 7 activities across the categories, receive a lapel badge in recognition of their involvement. 

Student initiative has been impressive so far, currently, we already have a handful of students already on track to receive a silver medallion when they participate in the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal this Sunday. Other students have already achieved a bronze medallion through acts of service such as baby sitting, helping out with the housework and leading class devotions.

We look forward to seeing the impact this program continues to have on our students and their communities into the coming term.


Mrs Michelle Williams

Year 7 Coordinator


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