Yollinko Experience at Junior School

This term, the Year 11 Outdoor and Environmental Studies students have been working on a unit titled ‘Yollinko’ (indigenous word for wetland).

As part of this unit, the students have been working towards delivering a Yollinko-orientated lesson to Grade 2 students at Junior School. In the weeks prior, the Year 11’s have learnt about the ecological importance of wetlands as well as the Wathaurong and European History of Balyang Sanctuary. The Year 11 students designed detailed lesson plans, outlining every aspect of their session and some of their creative ideas impressed all involved.

  • Native bird origami
  • Indigenous tree memory games
  • Fishing for mini beasts
  • Storm water tiggy

As you can see, both year levels of students had a great time:

“The lesson went really well; I got to experience children’s first encounter with a lot of new and weird mini beasts,” Nicholas Hinks, Year 11.

“I thought today was not going to be fun, but it was fun!” Zen, Year 2.

“Gilbert (a Year 2 student) had memorised all the native bird species we had taught him, and he was able to point them out and repeat the facts back to us,” Layla Hildebrandt, Year 11.

“Overall, I was actually very pleased with our performance on the day. I believe we performed better than the plan which we originally made, so this was pleasing,” Corey Knight, Year 11.


Mr David Evans

Outdoor Education teacher


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