Year 10 Outdoor Education students study 'Risk'

Last week saw the completion of the Year 10 Outdoor Education 'Risk' unit.

In class, students have been building their understanding of risk; the benefits of taking risks in life; and how to manage risks in the outdoors to stay safe. They have been mountainbiking and rockclimbing indoors to explore these concepts further, and last week they had the peak experience of an outdoor cliff climb. Some students chose to go on a day trip to the Brisbane Ranges to climb a cliff near Staughton Vale, whilst others headed to Mt. Arapiles in Western Victoria to camp and climb for two days.

When climbing, students are in control of the level of challenge that they want to take on. They can choose their climbs and they choose how far they climb. This is an important learning experience, to give them the confidence to make their own decisions in risky situations and not simply follow the crowd or compete against their peers in risky situations. Climbing outdoors last week, we saw countless examples of students encouraging and supporting each other and showing personal courage and determination – all qualities that we are very proud to see in these young people.

Mr David Evans, Mrs Jane Smith, Mr Louis Gross

Outdoor Education teachers



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