Year 9 Career Practitioner for Highton students

Dear Year 9 Highton families,

I am writing to let you know of the involvement this year that I, in my role as Career Practitioner, will have with our Highton Year 9 students.

My time frame with Year 9 students will be:

Monday mornings - from Home Room through to and including Period 4 and   /    Tuesday afternoons - from lunch through to after-school appointments. 

We have just held Homeroom meetings, at which I introduced myself; highlighted a new ‘Careers’ Tile on our SEQTA Homepage and asked students to respond to a short questionnaire - asking students whether, at this point in time, they have a ‘clear thought’, ‘some thought’ or ‘no idea’ on future study and career ambitions. It is those students who felt that, at this stage, they have ‘no idea’ who will be the focus of my first appointments.

The Year 9 career conversations we have will work towards helping our students see and understand the choice of pathways that Year 10 offers, and the flow-on into Year 11 and 12. Assistance and discussion surrounding subject selection will work towards this.

My appointments will initially be during class time - in 30-minute timeslots - so that ideally each student can catch either the beginning or the end of their lesson.

Students have been advised that I will email them with our meeting details, and they are welcome to let me know of any assessment or reason why my allotted time may not be suitable. I have asked them to let me know this in a timely manner so that other arrangements can be made. Our meeting space is where the HOC and DHOC offices are located, and I will ask students to meet me in that area.

Year 9 has also been shown, and registered for, their own ‘Careers Action Plan’ as a part of the Careers Tile. In this space, there is a plethora of information relevant to careers/study/pathways. Please have a look through this, as it is a wonderful way that technology has been able to help us embrace the ever-changing future for our young people.  Over time, we will explore and utilise the resources available through this website.

The focus of ongoing Year 9 meetings will be on:

  • Helping students realise and articulate their skills, interests, aptitudes and personality type and align these with an area of occupation as a starting point.
  • Thinking about subject selection for Year 10 and into VCE years.
  • Introducing the different pathways offered at Senior School : VCE, VCE/VET and VCAL.
  • Looking at, and explaining, University and TAFE courses, prerequisites, subject bonuses and pathways.
  • Creating a Career Action Plan that is their own record of subject/career/further study thoughts over their years at Christian College.

My contact my email is:, should you wish to make an appointment for you and your child in addition to the time I will spend with them, or if you would like to be a part of this initial conversation. Please know that you are more than welcome.

It is exciting to be able to be a part of the ongoing ‘story’ that our young people will create over their years at Christian College.

I am privileged and do look forward to keeping in contact, and supporting you in preparing your child for their future.

My kind regards,

Robyn Smith



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